Me Mind Y produces the finest series with the young generation’s originality.

      Me Mind Y creates remarkable series which meets all viewers’ different expectation. We strive to improve production to reach the world-class level.

Creative Works through Pre-Production

      We are determined to create the finest works through the process Pre-Production. All high-quality novels are adapted attentively by the famous author “MAME” Orawan Vichayawannakul for television. The screenplays are based on her best-seller novels (e.g. TharnType The Series). Each drama series produced in our own way is renowned for its remarkable quality. In addition, it is made through a process of casting, acting workshop and script practice so that all actors are well-trained for the most effective performance.

      Prior to shooting, we also focus on a filming-location process and production-management process (discussion and workshop) for the most effective production.

Creative Works Through Production

      Me Mind Y strives to produce series in our own way, placing great value on crucial meeting and effective communication for smooth operation which is undertaken by our production division. Our series is thoroughly produced in accordance with goals and standards.

Creative Works Through Post-Production

      Our unique series is produced through a creatively editing process by our most experienced editing division. We place great importance on each scene to ensure smoothness, color grading and audio editing.

      Me Mind Y’s Public Relations division is eager to launch contents on social media platforms to reach a world-class standard.